Adagene Presents Its Lead Antibody Program, ADG106, at International Conferences

  • An overview of Adagene’s Dynamic Precision Antibody Library system and a case study of its leading clinical program ADG106, a fully human anti-CD137 agonistic antibody, was orally presented at the Festival of Biologics.
  • Clinical data of the Phase 1 first in human study will be presented at AACR-NCI-EORTC on Sunday, Oct. 27th2019.

SAN FRANCISCO, California and SUZHOU, China,Oct.26th, 2019 – Adagene Inc., a clinical stage biotech company with innovative antibody discovery and engineering technologies, announced that it is presenting its lead program at international conferences.

During the Festival of Biologics conference in Basel, Switzerland, Adagene gave a presentation on “Targeting the conserved epitopes of check points for rational single and combination immunotherapy”, highlighting the unique power of Adagene’s proprietary antibody discovery technology, Dynamic Precision Library (DPL), in generating species cross-reactive antibodies to enable translational studies in immune intact animal models. The DPL system combines extensive computational design, machine learning and high throughput phage and yeast screening to generate cross-reactive antibodies targeting evolutionarily conserved epitopes with novel mechanism of actions and excellent developability.

A case study of ADG106, a species cross reactive agonist antibody which targets the conserved epitope of CD137 across human, monkey and mouse. ADG106 activates CD137 in a native ligand-like fashion, while it also blocks the reverse signaling mediated by CD137 ligand. Furthermore, ADG106 is shown to exhibit Fc-mediated strong crosslinking. ADG106 has been extensively tested for efficacy in both single and combination therapy using syngeneic mouse tumor models that are believed to be relevant preclinical models of intact immune system and highly translatable into a rational approach toward single and combination immunotherapies.

The clinical data from the ongoing phase 1, first-in-human, dose-escalation study of ADG106, will be presented in a poster session at the 2019 AACR-NCI-EORTC Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.The Phase 1 study in the United States, First-In-Human study of ADG106 in subjects with advanced or metastatic solid tumors and/or relapsed/refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NCT02407990) is being conducted at NEXT Oncology (San Antonio, Texas), and consists of dose-escalation and dose-expansion phases in disease-specific cohorts.

About Adagene

Adagene (San Francisco, California and Suzhou, China) is a clinical stage biotech company with innovative antibody discovery and engineering technologies. By utilizing its proprietary Dynamic Precision Library (DPL) and SAFEbody technologies, Adagene is showcasing its exceptional antibody engineering capabilities building franchises of second and third-generation antibody products. Adagene’s lead program, ADG106, is a CD137 agonist currently in phase I in US and China. Adagene is backed by top tier global venture funds including F-Prime Capital Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, Wuxi Pharmatech Healthcare Fund I L.P., GP Healthcare Capital, New World TMT Ltd and Sequoia China. The company has raised over $100 million through its series A to C financing.

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