VP of HR & Admin

Position Statement

  • Report to CEO and be responsible for the company’s human resources management.
  • Organize and formulate long-term strategic plan for human resources.
  • Responsible for the recruitment of high-end positions and the storage of talent pool.
  • To plan, organize and approve the strategic plans and work plans of the human resources according to the company’s strategy.
  • Planning and improving the system of selection, employment, education and retention of middle and senior managers and key employees in the company, assisting CEO in the assessment, capacity development and training plans, and providing consultants and support for senior leaders in their decision-making on personnel management;
  • Responsible for organizing and promoting the optimization of the company’s performance management system and salary incentive system.
  • Responsible for the establishment of various incentive mechanisms.
  • Responsible for building and publicizing corporate culture.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or above, human resource and other related majors, fluent in English, good at listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • More than 15 years of human resources related work experience, including more than 5 years of human resources management experience in foreign enterprises.
  • Have a systematic understanding of modern enterprise human resources management mode and accumulate practical experience, have a deeper understanding of each functional module of human resources management, and can guide the work of each function.
  • Knowledge and skills in strategic management, strategic human resources management, organizational change management and management capability development;
  • Proficient in human resources strategic planning, organizational design, human resources system design, salary and welfare system design, quality model development, etc.
  • Affinity, rigorous work, cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure;
  • Strong organization and coordination ability and teamwork spirit.
  • Large scale pharmaceutical enterprise human resource management experience is preferred.

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